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3 Types of Coin Collections to Start for a New Baby

When a new baby has been born into your family, the time has come to create new memories, new traditions, and ways to celebrate the new person in your life. One way to do this is through building a collection. As the baby gets older, the coin collection becomes something they cherish and start to build upon all on their own.
Choosing the type of coin collection to start comes with multiple options. You may choose to honor a baby and their life in a number of different ways. By understanding what ideas to follow and the various collections you can start, you will have the ability to brainstorm and chose the best direction to go in.
Once you get these ideas, visit jewelry and coin shops to get started on the collection for the new baby in your life.
1. Annual Proof Sets
The year the baby is born will be significant to them for the rest of their life. Start out a collection of coins by choosing the proof set from the year they were born. A proof set includes all of the released coins from the year. A typical set will have a single quarter, dime, nickel, penny, and half dollar in a display case with the minted year on the coin.
For each birthday the child has, purchase the newest proof set for the next year. As the child gets older, their collection of proof sets will only grow. Each year, the tradition can go on until they have a large set of coins representing each year they have celebrated a birthday.
If you want to take the collection in a different direction, start off with the proof set and then shop for commemorative coins from their birth year to give them each year on their birthday. After a few years, the child will have a big collection of coins from their birth year.
2. Significant Locations
As a child grows up, they may visit a number of different places they will not remember going to. Along with pictures of the location, you can commemorate the places they have gone with coin locations. Ever since the State Quarters began production in 1999, there have been numerous quarters and other coins based off of specific locations.
As you visit locations, purchase a coin related to the place. You may purchase a coin based on the state the location is based in or try to find something more specific. For example, in 1996, a special 25th Anniversary coin was released for Walt Disney World. The coin would be a great addition to a collection when a baby visits the theme park.
By browsing stores like jewelry and pawn shops, you may be able to find these special coins and make them part of a collection.
3. Family History Coins
As a child grows up, they start to learn about their family history. This includes relatives and all the things they went through. There are many ways collecting coins can be a starting point for this type of learning.
For example, if you had any family members in a war or some branch in the military, then you may find commemorative coins based off of those times and organizations. There are collectible coins featuring soldiers from both World Wars and more recent wars like Vietnam. You may also find coins associated with branches like the Army, Marines, or Navy. By collecting these coins, you will teach a child and honor your family at the same time.
Shop around for different coins showcasing different aspects of your family. Within a few years, you will have a large collection showcasing various accomplishments.
See our full collection of coins at Gardena Jewelry & Loan Co. to select the best options for the new baby in your life.